White Heath Elementary Book Fair

Welcome to the White Heath Elementary Spring 2021 Book Fair!

Be sure to use your school's exclusive coupon code at checkout to be sure that your purchases from our featured lists below, or anywhere else in our online store count toward your school's book fair. You can also purchase a book fair gift card below to donate books to a designated classroom or the White Heath Elementary School Library.

Teacher / Librarian Gift Cards

A book fair gift card is the easy way to make a donation to a teacher's classroom, or the White Heath Elementary School Library. 

Select the amount you would like to donate. (As a point of reference, $15 will purchase an educator-disocunted hardcover picture book or middle grade chapter book, but we know that our teachers and librarians are appreciative of donations in any amount!)

Please type the name of your student or your family in the FROM field.

Enter the name of the designated teacher, librarian, or library in the TO field.

Include any additional information for us, or the intended recipient in the MESSAGE field, or you can leave it blank.

Please Note: Hartfield will provide a detailed report of gift card purchases to the school upon completion of the book fair. No physical gift cards will be sent to the purchaser. All gift credit will be conveyed directly to the designated teacher/librarian/school.

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