Sages Read

Sages Read Community Reading Challenge


Sages Read is list of reading challenges intended to get our community reading and discussing books together. No matter your age, we invite you to join in and make this challenge something that works for you.

Whether you are a teacher sharing a read aloud in a classroom, a book group meeting once a month, or an individual that wants to read more widely, we hope this challenge is something that inspires you to pick up a book. If you have any book recommendations for the list of challenges, we want to hear from you! Share your book selfies with us on Instagram and Facebook and don't forget to use #SagesRead.

You can stop by Hartfield Book Company for recommendations for the challenge, check out Sages Reader Spotlights on our blog, or hit up Allerton Library. We hope this community book challenge inspires you to read more widely and talk about what you read with a friend.

This year, we've put together a list of 20 reading challenges with multiple opportunities for incentives and prizes to keep you motivated throughout the year! Check out the list of reading challenges and prize opportunities for this year below, or click on our printable challenge sheet.


  1. Read a YA or younger mystery
  2. Read a novella or short story collection
  3. Read a poetry collection or novel-in-verse
  4. Read a graphic novel, manga, picture book, or board book retelling of a story that was originally a novel, movie, or TV show
  5. Read a book written in the 20th century
  6. Read a book with multiple authors
  7. Read a book written by or featuring an older character
  8. Read a Pura Belpré award winner or honoree
  9. Read a book by an Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI) author
  10. Read a book with a food or culinary theme
  11. Read a book that celebrates friendship
  12. Read a book set in a bookstore, library, or school (or that features a bookseller, librarian, or teacher)
  13. Read a book with a tree on the cover
  14. Read a book set in or about outer space or another planet
  15. Read a book that teaches or features a new skill or perspective
  16. Read a book that features music
  17. Read a favorite from when you were younger
  18. Read a book you got from a Little Free Library (LFL)
  19. Read a book recommended specifically to you by a friend (give them a shout-out on social media and tag #SagesRead!)
  20. Read a book you saw in an Allerton Public Library or Hartfield Book Co. display or social media post (share their post or your own pic on social media and tag #SagesRead!)


Read four books that complete four challenges and you have clearly been bitten by the Book Bug! You get to select a prize from our treasure box (may include gift cards and coupons for Hartfield Book Co., local restaurants, and other local businesses).

Read eight books that complete eight challenges and you are officially a Book Worm! You have earned a trip to Hartfield’s book vault to select a book or book galley from Hartfield’s children’s and adult giveaway collections.

Read 12 books that complete 12 challenges and we will declare you to be a mighty Book Dragon! You will receive a dragon's hoard (i.e., a sweet goodie bag) full of local and bookish delights.

Read 20 books that complete all 20 challenges by December 31, 2022, and you will be dubbed the mightiest of the mighty, the bookish-est of the bookish… the powerful Book Mage! As such, you will be endowed with a satchel full of bibliomagic (a.k.a. one of our famous Hartfield Hauls, a fun tote bag stuffed full of books and other nifty gifties).


Book Bug and Book Worm prizes can be claimed anytime throughout the year. Just bring your challenge sheet or list of books into Hartfield Book Co. during regular store hours. A bookseller will check off your challenges, deliver your prize, and send you on your merry way to continue your awesome reading adventures!

Book Dragon and Book Mage prizes will be fulfilled three times a year (in June, September and January). Readers are encouraged to drop off their challenge sheets at either Hartfield Book Co. or Allerton Library as soon as they have completed the requisite number of challenges, so they can be added to the next prize pick-up. You will then be contacted with pick-up dates and location (either the bookstore or the library).

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask any one of your friendly neighborhood booksellers or librarians!

Happy Reading!