Sages Read

Sages Read Community Reading Challenge

Sages Read is list of reading challenges intended to get our community reading and discussing books together. No matter your age, we invite you to join in and make this challenge something that works for you.

Whether you are a teacher sharing a read aloud in a classroom, a book group meeting once a month, or an individual that wants to read more widely, we hope this challenge is something that inspires you to pick up a book. If you have any book recommendations for the list of challenges, we want to hear from you! Share your book selfies with us on Instagram and Facebook and don't forget to use #SagesRead.

You can stop by Hartfield Book Company for recommendations for the challenge, or hit up Allerton Library. We hope this community book challenge inspires you to read more widely and talk about what you read with a friend.

This year, we've put together a list of 20 reading challenges with multiple opportunities for incentives and prizes to keep you motivated throughout the year! You can find the list of reading challenges and prize opportunities for this year on the official Sages Read 2021 Challenge page, or click on our printable challenge sheet below.

Happy Reading!