Holiday Shopping

This year, we're doing everything we can to make holiday shopping easy, accessible and safe for our customers and our dedicated booksellers.

If you're looking for socially distant, but still human recommendations, we've got you covered!

  • Shop our holiday catalog online. It's a curated list of titles that we think will make great gifts this season, handpicked by independent bookstores across the Midwest.


  • Check out our Staff Picks page to see what our booksellers have loved and recommended this year.


  • Send a gift card to the bookworms on your list.


  • Avoid the crowds and get some one-on-one time in the store by signing up for a private shopping appointment.


  • Let us be your book concierge! There's nothing we love more than making individual, personal recommendations (seriously, it's a whole thing with us). Whether there's one person you just don't know what to get, or you want to send us a whole list of names and a budget, we would love to help you find the perfect books to gift this year. Contact Us to ask about personal shopping services.