Black Flesh Matters: Essays on Runagate Interpretation (Hardcover)

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These essays, written over more than thirty years of Vincent L. Wimbush's career as a scholar, provide a response to the nearly universal, persistent, and sedimented modern-world hyper-signification of Black flesh, always needing to be framed, humiliated, policed, and dirtied. Because Wimbush is a scholar of religion as culture--having to do with social practices and their psycho-politics as regimes of knowledge, discourse, formation, and power relations--his ex-centric transdisciplinary interest in scriptures has been viewed, in some circles, as controversial. Yet it is Wimbush's linkage of the modern hyper-signification of Black flesh--leading to racialization and racism, especially anti-Black racism--to the scriptural as shorthand for discourse and relations of power that makes this work compelling.

About the Author

Vincent L. Wimbush is an internationally recognized scholar of religion, with more than thirty years of professional teaching, research, and scholarly organizational program experience. He is founding director of The Institute for Signifying Scriptures, a forum for transdisciplinary research, conversation, and programming.

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ISBN: 9781978712690
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Publisher: Fortress Academic
Publication Date: March 18th, 2022
Pages: 420
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