From the Projects to a Ph.D.: A View from the Other Side of America (Paperback)

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Have you ever been kissed by a refreshing white cloud? Do you remember how its caress would leave you wanting more and waiting for its next lingering touch? White clouds were not strangers in the projects during the summer months. These refreshing vapors provided a welcome break from the sweltering heat of the sun's rays beating down on the concrete palaces that St. Louis called the projects. The fluffy mist was the unifying factor in the projects that all the kids loved. We inhaled the clouds and embraced the cooling mist as it danced around our bodies. Who would have thought that these mystical veils had the potential to destroy my hopes and dreams?

Dr. Vanessa Howard's book From the Projects to a Ph.D. discusses humble beginnings, challenges in pursuing higher education, and the determination needed to succeed. You will be inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit, as she shares personal insights, and experiences of racial inequities that shaped, but did not define her life.

Although her experiences shared in this book are not unique, they provide a glimpse into the "other side of America" rarely shared with other cultures. Within these pages, you will find strategies to assist readers in becoming more culturally responsive. She prays this story will be a catalyst for change and offer hope to those who need it most. When we know better, we should do better. This is a must-read for those who are passionate about reform in the areas of education, law, gender equity, and racial justice.

Discover Life, Literacy, and Legacy with Dr. Vanessa Howard

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ISBN: 9781736698709
ISBN-10: 1736698702
Publisher: Howard Univer-City, LLC
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English