Wally & Sid are Crackpots At-Large: A Wally & Sid Comics Collection by Richard Deaver (Paperback)

Wally & Sid are Crackpots At-Large: A Wally & Sid Comics Collection by Richard Deaver Cover Image
By Richard Deaver, Tatsu McKay (Artist), Dora Marie Vernon (Foreword by)
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A Zombie apocalypse, Aliens, the root cause of Climate Change, a suspected narcissistic cartoonist, and other off-the-wall conspiracy theories are mixed in with a no-holds-barred food fight, inescapable frostbite, and a healthy dose of humorous pranks and practical jokes in this hilarious 'Wally & Sid' comic's collection from award-winning creator, Richard Deaver.

This treasury is an entertaining compilation of laugh-out-loud Daily and Sunday comic strips based on the popular 'Wally & Sid' characters and their off-beat friends. It's filled with humorous schemes, often disastrous high-octane action, and zany quips as they careen off the page taking the reader along on their latest escapades filled with belly laughs, snickers, cackles, and giggles.

Wally, a sweet, lovably na ve friend-to-all, is very gullible and usually the target of his brother, Sid's, pranks and sarcastic jabs. Sid is cool. Sid is confident. Sid's a know-it-all, but Wally does turn the tables every once in a while at Sid's expense.

They're both at the mercy of the sharp-witted author who creates chaos at every turn, and often joins in the fun within the cartoon strip to remind 'Wally & Sid' whose boss. This doesn't always turn out very well for him.

What to expect inside:

- Richly illustrated, full-color comic strips

- A 'Behind-the-Scenes' look at the madness through the original commentary and self-deprecating wit of author, Richard Deaver

- A bevy of amusingly eccentric characters as supporting cast

- A rebirth of the very first comic strip and how it came about

- Humor and entertainment for teen and young adult readers, and kids of all ages

- A special bonus 1st Chapter of the author's ever-popular, full-color 'Wally & Sid' children's book, 'A Pest at Wiseacre Farms'

The addictive side-splitting humor from these peculiar anthropomorphic creatures is reminiscent of comic strips and graphic novels like "Calvin and Hobbes" and "Pearls Before Swine" where Wally & Sid will take you on a journey of chaos, with sometimes snarky, but often tender words, all gift-wrapped in raucous, merciless pranks.

´╗┐Will 'Wally & Sid' ever get the better of this slightly warped cartoonist with delusions of grandeur, or will he continue freely plotting their next hilarious and humiliating practical joke? Click the Buy Now button at the top and enter their twisted world today.

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ISBN: 9781732162143
ISBN-10: 173216214X
Publisher: Treetopolis Storyteller Press
Publication Date: November 20th, 2020
Pages: 42
Language: English