John Ingerfield: And Other Stories (Paperback)

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By Jerome K. Jerome, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
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Featuring five works of extraordinary short fiction, John Ingerfield: And Other Stories is an unforgettable collection that textualizes the aspects of human nature that are often left unspoken while exploring nostalgia and the macabre. In The Woman of Saeter, an uneventful hunting trip turns into a spooky experience when two men are forced to take shelter in a mysterious hut in the woods. With a similar tone, Silhouettes is a frightening recollection of an eerie marshland near the sea, haunted by the dead, monsters, and shadows. Depicting a less chilling childhood memory, Variety Platter is a story of an unforgettable Christmas. While the supernatural and unexpected burn themselves into memory, odd characters have a similar effect. The Lease of the Cross Key follows a Bishop and an unconventional reporter as they prepare for a celebratory service. Finally, the first and title story of the collection, The Remembrance of John Ingerfield, and of Anne, His Wife depicts a man whose life revolved around making money.

Written with stunning description and impressive prose, John Ingerfield: And Other Stories by Jerome K. Jerome is a collection of short fiction, featuring romance, comedy, and even paranormal activity. With ghost stories, legends, and childhood memories, each narrative is captivating and highly impressionable. Slightly deviating from Jerome K. Jerome's usual humorous tone, these stories are dramatic with subtle hints of comedy, crafting a unique reading experience. First published in 1894, this 19th century collection demonstrates the best of Jerome's literary ability, possessing a strong aesthetic that has remained to be fascinating and compelling.

This edition of John Ingerfield: And Other Stories by Jerome K. Jerome is presented in an easy-to-read font and features an eye-catching new cover design. With these accommodations, this edition is accessible and appealing to contemporary audiences, restoring Jerome K Jerome's work to modern standards while preserving the original wit and charm of John Ingerfield: And Other Stories.

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